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Am here for help on shoes. 5 yr old had some new shoes a couple of weeks ago, he goes through them more than any of my other kids did as he runs on his toes and distorts them. Since we have had these ones which he said were good in the shop and probably for a few days are now causing major melt downs.
He screams before he puts them on, if I calm him and we put them on together, me thinking he jamming foot in and making leather bend and bulge, he wants them mega tight which he does, can't be good for his feet. Then he screams they hurt him but can't say where, it's always the same pattern. He also worries they will fall off his feet.
He resorts to Welles, these have their own problem leaving red lines on his legs. I can't get him to wear anything else. School are ok him going in Wellies but he has to put his pumps on in school, this he does for them without a problem.
Wracking my brains as to where to go from here. Any suggestions.
The socks also cause problems, we go through about 3 to 4 pairs before one is suitable and they all came out of the same packet.
I have to wear 100% cotton socks. Sometimes I can handle a cotton spandex mix. Anything else burns, itches, and is otherwise uncomfortable.

Finding shoes for me is a nightmare. I don't ruin shoes quickly however. I have found that I have to start in the specialty stores that are for people with various disabilities. The shoes tend to have more cushioning and the stitching is in less annoying locations.
I found with my 4 year old SPDer that the softest cotton the better. There are some that you can get where the seam where your toes go is very minimal. I believe they are haines, but I could be mistaken. As for the shoes, I had the same issue with my daughter with liking them tight. I found that taking them child to help pick the shoes helps. Payless sells shoes that are a canvas type where the upper part is a bit snugger, but they don't cause any harm from being snug. The brand of shoes was Champion. Thats the only brand she seems to tolerate. Plus, they are very sturdy Smile
Thank you for your replies. Have just ordered some of those soxs without seams to see if these help.

Took him back to the shoe shop and asked her to look at his shoes and feet just for peace of mind really. She looked at everything and I expected her to say nothing she could do. No, she put in an extra half inner sole and hey presto, son now wearing his shoes. What a twit I felt as he couldn't tell me what hurt but she figured that they were touching his bone ever so slightly and when she put in the half inner sole it lifted it a tad. Would never have found out and done same thing again with next pair of shoes. I would go back to shop again if any problem persisted. She also said come back if it happens again. How good is that. One nightmare over.

I am happy for your sanity that this problem was fixed. Smile
It was short lived Sad

Back to the drawing board.

(04-13-2012, 02:59 PM)Jaffa Wrote: [ -> ]It was short lived Sad

Back to the drawing board.


Awww Sad Sorry it didn't work. I'll keep racking my brain to see what I can think of for you. Was it the socks or the shoes? Or both?
The shoes I think, he had been wearing the socks before I announced we were going out. He would be quite happy going out in his socks without the shoes.

Yesterday was a major screaming day. Screamed about socks, shoes, his sister, that he had to wait for his dinner, almost anything and everything.

Thought today would be better but he woke early after a late ish night (an hour late to bed) and on the way down the stairs says stuff that start a meltdown. It started like: I can't have the tv on cos "A" (his sister) has to have it off. Then starts the whining and tears and snot. He never even asked a question. Bearing in mind he always has the tv on when he gets up and on a school day when his sister gets up it goes off cos she stares at it and does nothing else. And half term not quite over. Then he can't stop himself with it all says he can't calm down.

Why start on a negative before even asking a question. We have lots of this and I can't get my head round it. Looks like today is already onto a bad note.

Exhausted Jaffa.
Like I said, I'll keep looking for some shoes that I might be able to suggest.

Sorry yesterday was a meltdown day Sad

You are doing a great job, hang in there and we are all here for you ::hugs::
(04-14-2012, 04:07 AM)Jaffa Wrote: [ -> ]Why start on a negative before even asking a question. We have lots of this and I can't get my head round it. Looks like today is already onto a bad note.

Exhausted Jaffa.
If my SPD kid doesn't get enough sleep, we see the exact same "the world is terrible" attitude. Just once in a while I can fix it with a really engaging project, but if he has to hurry to dress and go somewhere, there's real trouble. I suspect the latest screaming had little to do with the shoes and much to do with lost sleep.

That's one reason we homeschool - so that we can minimize the fatigue factor while we address his other issues. Otherwise we would be forever struggling over problems that arose strictly due to fatigue and never get to any real issues.
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