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About Us - Dan - 05-06-2010

Welcome to SPD International, the most easy to use, free-formed, relaxed SPD site on the web!

Our mission is to provide support, help, advocacy, resources, and education to families worldwide. Our goal is to reach every family who needs help, providing them comfort, information and hope.

We provide support by the creation of local, regional and country support groups. Our local and online support groups are overseen by the Hosts of SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E., our International network of volunteer parents and professionals who donate their time and efforts to help families.

At the moment, SPD International is comprised of two major websites, aside from the SPD International parent site (you are here). One is dedicated to adults, the other is a resource center for parents of SPD children, and functions as the home website for our SPD Parent SHARE Host community.

Our Network:
> SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E. - http://www.spdparentshare.com
In operation since 2005, Parent SHARE is the home site for our SPD Parent SHARE Host group, as well as our resource center for parents of SPD children.

> SPD Life - http://www.spdlife.org
Built and first opened in 2008, SPD Life is the first website dedicated to offering resources to adults who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder. It is the only resource center on the web dedicated to adults with SPD.

We provide resources such as information to families in the form of articles and books published, news of current and ongoing research studies, and programs used in the treatment of SPD. We offer materials, therapy supplies and books through our SHARE Shoppes for families, therapists and professionals to better understand and treat SPD. We strive to educate the world about Sensory Processing Disorder and the hope and help available to adults and children.

SPD is a neurological condition in which the signals sent to the brain from all the body senses are not processed efficiently, leading to misinterpreted messages and responses, severe enough to impact the normal living, learning and loving of an individual.