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A little about me
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Giggles1959 Offline

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Joined: May 2012
Smile  A little about me

I am here because I am looking for support and information on SPD. A friend of mine believes that I might have it; that was only 1-2 weeks ago. It fits a lot of things about me and much of what I have read rings a large bell. SPD would explain many of the things that I have experienced in my life.

Growing up, I would have meltdowns; triggered by even the smallest things. This resulted in the name "cry baby" by my classmates. I would often not look people in the eye (often look at shoes instead), shy away and hide. My parents worried that I might not finish high school. I have always felt social awkward; difficulty connecting with people, even my family.

I need some support in talking to people who understand it and can relate to. [Already finding some of that. Shy ] It seems that there is not much in my area available for someone with SPD; especially for adults. I would have to take a trip to go to an Occupational Therapist that specializes in SPD...... I have had a chance for some therapy and counseling in my life prior to finding out about SPD. And I have made accomplishments that surprised those around me.....

I love to do acrylic painting, journaling, learning how to knit and loving my dogs. Shy
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BusyMum Offline

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RE: A little about me

Welcome! Your adult perspective will be very helpful to parents here!
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beck7422 Offline

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RE: A little about me

Not looking people in the eye tends to be more an Autistic trait than SPD. However, lots of people with Autistic traits have SPD as well.

What are the smallest things that trigger your meltdowns? I only have meltdowns with certain sounds, but all my other senses overreact and cause a different problems than meltdowns.
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LynnNBoys Offline

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RE: A little about me

Not looking people in the eye could also be general anxiety and/or social anxiety. I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and self diagnosed SPD. I find that I look at people's mouths when they are speaking, partly because I have some auditory processing issues and party because it makes me anxious to look at their eyes too long. I do remind myself to look people in their eyes.

I haven't found an OT for adults, so I just see a regular psychologist who knows about SPD.

When I think back to my teen years, I was doing my own OT. I rearranged my bedroom furniture once a month (heavy muscle work), rode my bike everywhere many miles, and loved swinging (calming). I am trying to stay active and continue exercising. I am better able to manage my depression, anxiety, and SPD when I exercise.

Lynn Shy
mom to 2 boys, one avoider and one seeker
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