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SPD miracle oil-seriously
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Carsten Offline

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SPD miracle oil-seriously

Hi All.. made an account just to post this news and share with the rest of you.
DISCLAIMER: I am NOT here to sell anyone anything.. I just need to share.

A little background first:
My son, 5.5 years old and has SPD.
We manage it as best we can with diet (no gluten, cow dairy, artificial colors).Also no bananas, nuts, sugar, potatoes... lots of protein.
Anyhow... school was never really a possibility with him.
Any more than three kids in his proximity and he would flip out.. too much noise, movement and unpredictability.
Parks were a no go, pre-school was a disaster.
I am sure many of you can relate.
Bedtime was usually around 10-10:30 pm.. he just wouldn't fall asleep any sooner.. regardless of the amount of activity he had during the day. Constant talking and neediness. Poor listening skills. Impulsivity. High energy all day long.

Melatonin at night would help him fall asleep but he would be irritable the next morning.

However, after doing some research on the causes of SPD and the emerging theory that it is the result of too many synapses firing in the brain(the theory is they aren't getting pruned properly at birth), I decided to try CBD oil.
This is an essential oil derived from Hemp or Cannabis plants.
THC is the compound in marijuana that gets ppl high.CBD makes you feel very relaxed.. a "body high" is often how ppl refer to it.

2.5 weeks ago, my local medical marijuana dispensary supplied me with some CBD oil and we gave it a try.

I am here to tell you the results are just astounding.
It has been a miracle.
He has finished his first week of school(1 hour the first day, then 1.5, then 2 hrs for 2 days) and he is happy, excited.
He goes to bed at 8 pm and falls asleep almost immediately.
My wife and I are still in shock.
He came home from his first day of school and said: "Daddy.. it was noisy and I just ignored all the sounds!". He was so excited.

We used Sativa Valley Essential oils($30). It has a dropper and it is mixed with Mint oil. We filled up some empty lecithin pill capsules we got from our local natural food store.
He gets one in the morning and one when after dinner.
They take about an hour to kick in.

We noticed the results the first time we gave it to him.. it was remarkable.
We were getting lots of eye contact.. he sat at the dinner table for the whole dinner.. that was a first!

Anyhow.. I am rambling now. Thanks for reading and I hope you all can benefit from this as much as we have.
Here is the link for the product info but they don't sell it at the website.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
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Carsten Offline

Posts: 3
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RE: SPD miracle oil-seriously

Edit: found this site online that sells CBD oil.
Cant verify it's any good however as I have not tried it.
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mountainrose Offline

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RE: SPD miracle oil-seriously

Hello! I just found your post. Thank you for your care to post your incredible experience with your boy using the oil. I am just about to order for my kid.
Its been over two years, could you please give an update on the use of the oil? Warm regards
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