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What activities do you enjoy doing ?
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chasenDESTINY Offline

Posts: 13
Joined: Jul 2011
What activities do you enjoy doing ?

Do you have hobbies? Crafts? that you enjoy doing?

I USE to do crafts some, dont have as much time now-
I Really LOVE taking pictures
You may not mean the world to everyone, but you MAY BE the WORLD to ONE Smile
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LynnNBoys Offline

Posts: 277
Joined: Dec 2010
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

I like jigsaw puzzles, genealogy, travel, and taking pictures!
Lynn Shy
mom to 2 boys, one avoider and one seeker
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magic_carpet Offline

Posts: 10
Joined: Dec 2011
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

-playing with my rats and being with animals in general
-exercising, especially walking on a lovely day
-creating, i studied art for 4 years and i love when i am well enough to be creative as it's one of the first things that goes.
-watching documentaries and 'the big bang theory'
-internet! it's my number 1 favourite form of technology.
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Dan Offline

Posts: 252
Joined: Apr 2010
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

- Writing
- Web coding/design
- Playing video games
- Watching the Simpsons and NHL hockey

I enjoy plenty of other things, but those are the ones I dedicate the most of my time to these days it seems.
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kaworuchan Offline
Whomp Wily!

Posts: 42
Joined: May 2010
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

I love video gaming.

I love watching most genres of film.

I love reading manga and watching anime.

I love writing reviews of movies and anime.

I'll never be a professional critic, but I can write better than a lot of what those folks get paid for. The guys in my local newspaper, for example - they are guilty of really bad writing.

I also like working out at the YMCA, but only in the very early morning or early afternoon, when the place is close to being empty. Heh.
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beck7422 Offline

Posts: 342
Joined: Jun 2010
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

I love gaming, especially board games.

I love technology, especially computers.

I love Mentoring people and watching a person's eyes light up when you help them learn something completely new.

I love learning about people and the world around me. I currently big into obsessing about Politics.
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Bernadette Offline

Posts: 14
Joined: May 2012
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

(07-30-2011, 11:51 PM)LynnNBoys Wrote:  I like jigsaw puzzles, genealogy, travel, and taking pictures!

I love all those things too! Smile
And, needlework and patchwork, antique sewing machines, and the beach!
~*~Every person has their own sensory threshholds, and each person's sensory profile is different. Please get a sensory assessment and guidance for your child's or your needs, from a suitably qualified professional.~*~
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Jaffa Offline

Posts: 112
Joined: Oct 2011
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

I like, but dont have time at the moment, genealogy, stained glass work, reading, gardening, jigsaws, cross stitch and pin prick pictures. Chance would be a fine thing. These were things I did before having a child with SPD. As I am a foster carer too my time is when all kids are asleep and I am so tired I fall asleep before I get to bed. Lol.
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bethxyz Offline

Posts: 21
Joined: Aug 2012
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

I'm a photog! Smile It is both a career and a personal passion... you can learn forever and still know so little Wink Like all things really.
I love pulling weeds in my garden
coloring with my kids
watching documentaries (dork)
drinking coffee in the AM and beer in the PM .... hydration is important after all!
mom of
Bryce (5)
Chase (3)
One without / one with SPD. Both perfect. Heart
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ponyo11t Offline

Posts: 10
Joined: Oct 2012
RE: What activities do you enjoy doing ?

I like photography, anime (can't watch it all the time though), studying languages (French, Russian, Japanese), watching a lot of TV (law and order: ci, tosh.0, daily show, colbert report, south park, bones, the mentalist, i could go on), jigsaw puzzles, certain video games, listening to music (especially basshunter, it's euphoric!!!), hula hooping which is great for SPD because of the rotating pressure around the waist, thinking and theorizing, crocheting in small doses, writing... But not with paper because I don't like fiberous stuff (wood, paper towels, some cloth, etc), and having fun and exhilarating debates!!

I want to be more creative, but don't know of anything I can do a lot of the time. I can't type on my iPod a lot. ><
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