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An SPD Meltdown! How Does It Feel?

So, what exactly does a meltdown feel like to someone who has SPD? What is going on in your child's head? If you've ever wondered what an SPD meltdown feels like, first hand, here is your chance to learn. This article goes over the basics of how SPD meltdowns start, progress, and end. It provides helpful tips and advise for averting disaster and helping a person get through a meltdown.

Other Articles In This Section

Here you can find some of the best articles about SPD on the web. It covers a variety of topics: from what it is, to who discovered it and what it looks like when a child has it.

Sensory Integration (or SI), a critical brain function is discussed and explained here, as well as information on the many ways SI can go wrong, causing SPD.

Sensory Defensiveness is one of the main sub-types of Sensory Processing Disorder. This form of SPD involves sensory overload and over-responsivity/hypersensitivity, and this article lays it out in plain English.

Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) is a very common symptom amongst people with SPD. It is one of many types of self-stimulation (stimming) and is discussed here.

This article contains valuable information about how SPD can affect visual and auditory processing, including information about Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders (APD and VPD).

So, where did this 'SPD thing' come from? Look here to find all the answers to the questions you might have about who discovered SPD, and the history of the diagnosis.

Parents are often not sure whether their child has SPD, ADHD, Autism, or some other disorder, but this checklist can help a parent figure it out.

Is it SPD? Is it ADHD? Is it both? Here, both disabilities are looked at, the differences and similarities are labelled, and the distinguishing characterists are defined.

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