Why Become a Host?

Why Should I Volunteer My Time and Efforts?

I wondered about this once too. I was new to the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. I didn't understand it at all. There were no support groups to help explain it to me. I didn't know anyone else whose child was in this type of therapy. When I asked around no one knew what I was talking about. I saw another Mom at the clinic one day and asked her what she knew about SPD? "Not much," she said.

But, we need to know, don't we? If we understand SPD, won't we be able to help our kids?

I started asking a lot questions. When I first heard my son might have SPD, I was overwhelmed with worry, confusion and guilt. As I continued to ask questions, everything began to make sense, one question at a time. What I needed most of all was answers.

If you are a parent who, like me asked a lot of questions, you now have what new parents need the most. You have the ability to change the dark future of a child, to a future of bright possibilities.

You could be the one person who cares enough to explain to a family what SPD is, and how they can understand their own child. You can save a child's life, one answer at a time. All it takes is a willingness to learn and a desire to save a lost child.

Reasons to become a Host today

  • You will be given support from other Hosts.
  • You will have access, through SPD Support, to up-to-date information on research, treatments, and providers.
  • You'll be sent free materials to hand out to confused parents.
  • You'll have flyers to post in your neighborhood.
  • You will have access to articles and informative brochures to share.
  • We will ensure you have the resources to help YOU learn more about SPD!

You will belong to a strong international network of parents and professionals who will be beside you, every step of the way. Guiding you, teaching you, and comforting you.

Giving your heart is the greatest gift of all. Join us now! The sacrifice is small. The rewards are great.

We will never regret that we helped a child; we will only regret... that we didn't.

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